A HOUSEWATER system can significantly reduce your Carbon footprint and eliminate ‘water miles’.  Over the last ten years great strides have been made to virtually eliminate the use of plastic bottles within the hospitality sector. The target is now moving to further reduce single use glass bottles and the introduction of a HOUSEWATER system is a perfect solution.

Unfortunately recycling is not enough, it does not wipe the slate clean. It requires an enormous expenditure of energy and resources, including the monitoring of collection sites, the transportation of recyclables and the recycling manufacturing process itself. Furthermore, recycling only works when the recycled product has an intrinsic value and a purchaser. With falling commodity prices recycled products are being sold for less but the cost to the processor remains the same. Unfortunately in many cities recycling programmes are running at a significant and consistent cash loss and is ultimately unsustainable. Most products used within the hospitality sector, are inevitably transported in single use glass containers. Water uniquely does not necessarily require expensive transportation. No matter how you sweeten the pill with charitable donations, water transported in glass bottles for single use is damaging the planet. Increasing numbers of our customers are now choosing to donate the savings they make from using a HOUSEWATER system to local charities where they can be assured their donations are making a difference and not paying a charity’s CEO’s inflated salary!

The HOUSEWATER team are on hand to discuss the environmental aspects of our systems for specific sites and to advise on the savings that can be made when making the switch from branded bottled water to HOUSEWATER.


The entire range of HOUSEWATER chillers use R290 refrigerant gas which has a miniscule effect on global warming as mentioned in the latest Greenpeace Cool Technologies report.

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