The HOUSEWATER system can provide significant reductions to carbon footprints and virtually eliminate “water miles”!

As society as a whole becomes much more environmentally aware, businesses within the hospitality sector are investigating alternatives that reduce the impact establishments can have on sustainability. Bottled water is a specific area, where a substantial reduction to a locations carbon footprint can be made.

By installing a HOUSEWATER on site bottled water system, which employs a world renowned mains water filter to remove impurities that can affect the taste and smell, then it is chilled to provide great tasting water, either still or sparkling and served in high quality re-usable designer bottles.

Research shows that the most environmentally friendly way to serve chilled water from a glass bottle is an on-site system with re-usable bottles such as HOUSEWATER. Reports suggest that using water from disposable glass bottles can result in up to 500 times more landfill waste and up to 13 times the carbon footprint of a HOUSEWATER system. PET plastic bottles result in up to 40 times more waste and up to 4 times more CO2 emissions.

HOUSEWATER not only reduces a sites environmental impact it tastes as good as commercial brands (which are often imported)  and at a significant cost saving! With the high quality attractive re-useable bottles together with an innovative approach to design and branding the on-site HOUSEWATER bottled water often looks more stylish and professional than better known commercial bottled waters.

The HOUSEWATER team are on hand to discuss the environmental aspects of their system for specific sites and to advise the hospitality professional on the savings that can be made when changing to HOUSEWATER from bottled water.


The new HW150 range from HOUSEWATER, uses R290 natural gas refrigerant, which has ZERO IMPACT ON GLOBAL WARMING as listed in the latest GREENPEACE Cool Technologies report